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[Chikugo River 筑後川] ☆☆

The longest river in Kyushu. It used to be a violent river
causing serious damage to the surrounding people due to floods.
You can see cormorant fishing in its basin even now.


Chikugo_river2 Chikugo_river3

[Bairinji Temple 梅林寺] ☆☆☆

A Rinzai sect Buddhist temple which was built in 1621 by the family
of Lord Arima.


[水天宮] ☆☆☆

Present Suitengu-shrine in Kurume was established in 1650 and
is the headquarters for all Suitengu-shrines in Japan.
Suitengu-shrine is a shrine of Varuna which is called “Suiten”
in Japanese buddhism.


[JR Kurume station] ☆☆☆

There are three famous monuments at the east exit of JR Kurume station,
the mechanical taiko drum clock, the huge monument of tire, and the
ramen monument.



You can find more infromation from http://www.kurume-hotomeki.jp/en/ and food information

[耳納連山と農地 (Mino mountain range)]


[篠山城跡 (Ruin of Castle)]


[西鉄久留米駅 (Nishitetsu Kurume Station)]


[誓行寺 (Seigyoji garden in Temple Town)]

Seigyoji_garden in TempleTown

[高良山 Kourasan]

高良山 Kourasan

[成田山 Naritasan]

成田山 Naritasan

[善導寺 Zendoji Temple]

善導寺 Zendoji Temple

[大善寺 Daizenji Temple]

大善寺 Daizenji Temple 大善寺近くのうなぎ屋


[北野天満宮 Kitano Tenmangu Shrine]

北野天満宮 Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

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